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The Sample Chapter Podcast

Welcome to the Sample Chapter Podcast! Find your next favorite book here on the show where authors read a "sample chapter" from one of their books after a brief interview. Hosted by thriller author, Jason A. Meuschke.

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Oct 23, 2020

Episode 147 features a wonderful return guest in Horror & Dark Fantasy author, Liz Butcher! We catch up on her previous book, Fate's Fury, talk work/life balance, ghostwriting, and discuss how inspirational creepy old homes can be for an author! 

Liz Butcher website

Liz Butcher on Amazon

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Oct 20, 2020

Episode 146 brings the goods with beloved actor/producer/screenwriter, and now author, Lou Diamond Phillips! Prepare yourself for amazing insights and laughs as Jason and Lou discuss topics like his inspiration for the book, switching from screenwriting to writing a novel to describe the images in his head,...

Oct 16, 2020

For the show's second BONUS episode #145 of October, we're welcoming sci-fi and urban fantasy author, Jabe Stafford! Learn about writing in isolation, journaling for self-discovery, identifiable villains, and what the heck is a Yoga Witch? All this plus a sample chapter from Jabe's debut novel, Ales, Agents & Alchemy,...

Oct 13, 2020

Episode 144 brings an action-packed chat with award-winning author, Gary Phillips! Listen in as they discuss being a storyteller, working in different genres and media to both inform and keep your writing fresh, consistency is key as a writer, and we get a little side-tracked discussing cigars and how many is still okay...

Oct 9, 2020

Prepare yourself for a month of bonus episodes starting today with episode 143 and return guest, Splatterpunk-nominated author, Lucas Mangum! I had a blast chatting with Lucas about things like lifestyle changes and parenting tips for the pandemic, revising old stories, developing fully realized characters and stories,...